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MSUK Drivers Briefing



DRIVERS BRIEFING: Fulbeck Kart Club 23/08/2020


MSUK Steward   Mr Ray Smith

Clerk of the Course   John Goldthorpe

Deputy Clerk of the Course    Amanda Goldthorpe



Following the latest UK guidelines for running karting events in light of COVID-19, please see below Driver’s briefing in place of that normally carried out on the morning of a race meeting. 

It is the driver’s responsibility, or PG in the case of a competitor under the age of 18, to ensure that they have read this Driver’s briefing and, as always, understand the UK regulations and specific circuit SR’s. 

You will also sign-on electronically and additionally will be asked to complete a Technical self-declaration in advance of the meeting. This all must be completed before your arrival at the track


A list of Officials of the meeting will be available in the windows going into Race Control. Do not enter Race Control unless invited by an official or member of the circuit team.

Judicial Hearings/penalties

Due to COVID 19 restrictions

All judicial hearings will be held outside by the scrutineering building. Drivers involved will be notified by a Clerk as they come off circuit in Parc Ferme. 

All penalties will follow MSUK mandatory penalty guide lines.

3.Specific Covid-19 related points

3.1 General:

1. Keep your social distance,

2. Hand-wash & sanitize regularly.

3. Share the responsibility for running this meeting safely for everyone.

4. Face Masks/coverings are mandatory on the dummy grid and in the parc-ferme areas


3.2 Attendance

Drivers and their immediate family are welcome to attend, this includes team managers and working mechanics/coaches, 

General spectators are NOT permitted to attend this event, 

Awnings should be left as open as possible to allow good ventilation, not completed closed.

3.3 Moving around the site

Your helpers should only watch the race you are involved in and must follow social distancing guidelines. 

Please follow any one-way systems in operation around the paddock and in buildings.

All scooters, go-peds, bicycles etc must not be used at any point during the event and should not be brought to the meeting. Anyone found to be riding such equipment may have it confiscated.

3.4 Face coverings 

The wearing of face coverings or helmets is mandatory for any person entering any building, on the dummy grid, parc ferme and where keeping a 2m distance is not possible.

3.5 At the end of racing

Trophy ceremony – this may be adjusted to comply with social distancing guidelines and be advised to those involved at the time.


3.6 If you feel unwell

Should any member person attending feel unwell and exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 they must inform the organisers of the meeting immediately and let them know all details of who they have been in close contact. They must then leave and organise a test by phoning NHS 111 then immediately inform the circuit of the result either way. 

3.7 Other points

All teams must bring a first aid kit to enable them to deal with minor injuries. 

4. Event details for the day:

4.1 Grids will be available on the Alpha system, please check your positions before hand to avoid close contact with our grid marshal, drivers must stay alongside their kart whilst waiting to line up on the grid, no driver should congregate on the grid until their kart is with them.

4.2 Timetable


Lap practice will start at 09:30

Heats will be 8 MINUTES +1 Lap. 

PRE Finals 10 MINUTES + 1 Lap.

 Grand Finals will be 15 MINUTES + 1 Lap, unless otherwise communicated by tannoy on the day.

The status of the meeting regarding ‘dry, open or wet’ will be communicated on social media and/or by tannoy on the day.

4.3 Engine running away from track 

Engines may only be run in the area to the side of the dummy grid prior to going out in a session FOR A MAXIMUM OF 10 SECONDS ONLY

Honda Cadets can start and tick-over on the dummy grid but the kart must be on the ground with the driver seated and wearing a helmet. 

No lifting of rear wheels. 

4.4 Race/practise procedure

Leaving Dummy grid! – drive slowly as there will be marshals/pedestrians in the area.

Rolling lap. Do NOT use any chicane on the rolling up lap unless otherwise instructed by a marshal/official. 

Starts: Drivers need to be going at a speed that allows them to get into the start line tramlines. MSUK tramline start regulations will apply. All NON gearbox classes Miss out the first chicane on the first lap then use full circuit. 

Gearbox classes miss out first chicane for duration of race.

HONDAS & Bambinos: Standing-Starts, stop at your grid position, when all in position green flag waved back of the grid, 5 second board will show. RED lights will then go ON then after 2-4 seconds go OFF. After the lights have gone of you can then start racing.

Track-limits – persistent and/or extreme running over the track limits -as defined by the white lines and kerbs- that gains a Driver an advantage or is deemed unsafe will result in a penalty.

Incidents– Should you break down or be involved in an incident on circuit you must give the marshal a clear ‘thumbs up’ to show that you do not require medical attention. 

You must, where possible, move your kart to a place of safety and follow the marshal’s instructions to go to a place of safety. 

Do not remove your helmet at any time. 

Never lift a kart over a fence, there are possible gate exits around the circuit for mechanics to access with a trolley when given permission. Karts may have to be left until the end of another race. 


Please obey all flag signals as per MSUK Blue Book  2020


The ‘Quarter flag/ Battenberg’ – will be used if required.

In the event of a Red flag - stop racing, slow down and expect to stop on the start finish straight unless otherwise directed by the Clerk of the Course / or marshal.


End of race

Do not remove your helmet at any point until you are out of Parc Ferme. All drivers must remain seated in parc ferme until instructed by an official. Nose cone checks will happen whilst drivers are all seated.

5. Scrutineering

 When weighing, all personal must be at least 2 metres apart or 1m plus PPE. All persons queuing must also be at least 2 metres apart or 1m plus PPE. 

Should the scrutineers require an eligibility check, the mechanic will remove the part requested. They will place it on the scrutineering table and step away.

6. Other 

Please do not leave behind any tyres, fuel cans or general rubbish in the pit area, please use bins/skips provided, thank you. 

We all hope you have a fun, safe day


Signed:  Clerk of The Course:  John Goldthope