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Supplementary Regulations 2024


Fulbeck Kart Club will organise an interclub meeting on 26th May 2024.
2 The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of FIA) regulations of the ABKC, these supplementary regulations and any other written instructions for the event.
3 Motorsport UK Permit No.............................................has been issued Grade.............................................
4 The event is open to all members of the FKC and the following invited ABKC clubs who hold a valid Motorsport UK or Motorsport Ireland Licence (E2.21.3) & ABKC club
membership card. Invited clubs are Cumbria Hunts,, Manchester & Buxton,
RAFMSA, Rissington, Shenington..South Yorks, Trent Valley, Whilton Mill.
This event will constitute 1 round of the Fulbeck Kart Club Championship. (Permit No. TBA)
5 TRANSPONDERS. All karts must be fitted with a TranX160 transponder provided by the driver/entrant. This must be fitted in accordance with
Motorsport UK Kart Race Yearbook. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the transponder is working correctly, the signal is not obscured by
chassis parts or bodywork and the battery is sufficiently charged. These transponders will be used for lap scoring and observ ed practice, and must be in
place and working on practice and race days. Transponders not fitted or not working will result in the competitor not being lap scored or observed, and
no finishing position will be given. A competitor without a properly working transponder will be charged an administration free of £15.00
The programme of the meeting is as follows. Signing on and Scrutineering 8.00am, any competitor not signed in by 8.00am may be excluded.
Mandatory Drivers Briefing 8.30 am. 5 minute warm up 9.00 am. First Race approx. 10.00am. This may vary due to seasonal conditions and number of entries.

There will be Three Heats (grids will be determined by random grids) and a Final for each competitor,

the heats and finals may run over a number of laps or may be of a timed duration plus 1 lap. Or Timed Qualifying, 1 heat, Pre Final and A Final.

The starting position for the heat will be determined on the fastest lap starting pole 2nd fastest starts second etc... in the event of a tie on times, the driver setting the faster time

First will be given the higher grid position the finishing positions in the heat determine the grids for the Pre Final (the winner of the heat starts pole for the Pre Final, Second place in the heat Starts second etc.) The starting grid for the A Final is determined on the finishing positions in the Pre Final. (The winner of the Pre Final will start Pole for the A Final, second place in the Pre Final starts Second etc...)

Duration of the races / Timed Qualifying will be issued through final instructions in the event program and determined by weather and light.

8 All karts must comply with the Motorsport UK and ABKC technical regulations. One set of slick tyres only per meeting will be allowed. Tyres may be marked at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer. The exception is 250 National, where tyres are open.
9 Eligible classes: All ABKC & Motorsport UK Classes.
10 No awards will be presented in those classes with less than five competitors. (at the organisers discretion)

Entry opens with receipt of regulations and closes 4 days prior to the meeting. Entry fees are £65.00 members and £80.00 non-members.

All entries are to be done through the Alpha timing online system and signing on and scrutineering will also be done automatically. All competitors and mechanics must provide PPE and agree to abide by the current Uk government guidelines for covid-19.

Fulbeck Kart Club’s appointed covid-19 officer is Mrs Julie Thornsby.



Any enquiries to be by email to the competition secretary at compsec@fulbeckkartclub.co.uk or by phone on 07749 106101.


The maximum entry for the meeting, including reserves, is 250 or maximum grid. The minimum entry is 20. The maximum for each race is 34/ 32 for gearbox and the minimum for

each class is 5. Should any of the minimum figures not be reached, the organisers have the right either to cancel the meeting or to

amalgamate races or classes as necessary.


Officials - C/C - from L. Manchester, Richard Stanley, John Goldthorpe
Stewards: S Wren, Amanda Goldthorpe; Event Secretary: J. Thornsby ; Chief Timekeeper: Des Woodcock, Eligibility Scrutineer G Walker..
A final list of officials is published in the race day programme. The club reserve the right to amend Officials when they see necessary.
15 Provisional results will be published as soon as possible after each race in race control in accordance with D26
16 Any protest MUST be lodged in accordance with Section (U). All posted results will remain provisional until expiry of any protests or appeal periods.
Grid positions will be determined by receipt of entry and calculated to give each competitor a share in front, rear and middle grid positions.
17 All drivers MUST possess a Fire Extinguisher as per ABKC Regulations.
18 (A) The black and yellow quartered flag may be deployed. (B) Red flag, all drivers must slow down and proceed to the finish line or where directed.
19 Competitors missing a chicane WILL be deemed not to have completed that lap therefore will incur a 10 second penalty.
20 Motorsport UK General Regulations C3.5.1.(c)-C3.5.2. will not apply.
21 Junior classes may have an incident official on the circuit at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course provided that they have signed on and attended a briefing and
obtained a FKC coloured vest. They must at all times stand in a designated area, preference will be given to incident officials who have attended a training course.
22 The scales and check weights provided for competitors use are deemed correct on the day.
23 No pit bikes, push bikes, model cars, footballs, roller skates or similar in the p its. Ball games in the pits or on the circuit are not allowed. All drivers remember you are responsible for all persons connected with you. You may b e excluded from the meeting if this regulation is not complied with.
24 It is forbidden to damage property, including new facilities, crops or surrounding area which include pegging down awnings or washing down of engine and karts with combustible or hazardous materials.
25 The running of karts and their engines is NOT permitted in the pits unless in an area designated by the Clerk of the Course.
26 The scrutineers may take fuel samples during the course of the event.
(a). Any driver suspected of having illegal fuel after these tests will be obliged to pay a fee and the Race results declared provisional.
(b). Following an approved Motorsport UK test where the fuel is found to be eligible the Driver may be refunded his/her fee by the Club and the Race results declared accordingly.
(c). Following an approved Motorsport UK test where the fuel is found to be ineligible the Driver will be excluded
from the results and his/her conduct reported by the Motorsport UK for consideration by a disciplinary Tribunal.
(d). Any further costs regarding fuel testing will be passed to the competitor.

Post Race Scrutineering will take place after timed practice, heats and finals and all results are deemed provisional until all karts are released by the Chief Scrutineer, or any person

designated to do so in his absence, and/or after completion of any Judicial or Technical procedures, including the testing of fuel, checking of engines and tyres which may take several days. After timed practice or any race all drivers must go to the Parc Ferme area as per Motorsport UK U8.1 & U8.1.1. Any driver and kart directed or requested by an official to go into the weighing/scrutineering area, should not leave this area without the specific permission or instruction of the Chief Scrutineer, or any person designated to do so in his absence. In the

case of drivers under 18 years of age, we would suggest the entrant satisfy himself or herself that this permission has been given. The minimum penalty for any driver or kart leaving this area without permission will be exclusion from the race/timed qualifying.

No person or persons, other than the driver may enter the weighing/scrutineering area, until instructed to do so by a scrutineer. Failure to comply could result in judicial action being taken against their driver.

Engines or chassis may be sealed at any time, and you may be requested to fit special nuts to your equipment for this purpose. This does not preclude the Scrutineer’s right to fully dismantle the engine or components if required.

Any time during the meeting you may be requested by the Eligibility Scrutineer to remove any component from your engine or kart, which will be sealed and held by the scrutineer, and

replace it with a standard homologated unit, that will be given to you by the scrutineer, for use for the remainder of the meeting. The said unit is to be returned in good working order at the

finish of the meeting, when your unit will be returned, unless it is impounded by the scrutineer for testing.

28.Any person found in breach of any of the above regulations may be subject to the Motorsport UK judicial procedures and/or the disciplinary procedures of Fulbeck Kart Club Limited.

29.Cameras. 12.6.1 applies. Cameras must be attached securely to the kart and be approved by the Chief Scrutineer and Event Organiser. The weight of the camera (excluding any additional
Casings, mounting and associated fixing) must not exceed 100gms.