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Flags Signals - an aid to learning




Start (in absence of lights)

For a rolling start, karts start at the moment the flag is raised. For a standing start, karts start at the moment the flag is dropped.



Another competitor is following closely behind.


Another competitor is trying to overtake.

Service Car

A service car or slow moving kart is on the circuit

The flag will be waved to indicate the sector of the track that the slow moving vehicle is in, and held stationary whilst the vehicle is in the next sector.

Stationary - Danger


Danger, slow down sufficiently to ensure that full control of the vehicle can be retained. No overtaking.


Great danger, slow down considerably. Be prepared to suddenly change from the projected racing line including stopping if necessary. No overtaking.

Slippery Surface

Slippery surface ahead

Immediate Stop

Immediately cease driving at racing speed

Proceed slowly, without overtaking, and with maximum caution to pits or start line obeying marshal’s instructions, and being prepared to stop should the track be blocked.

Immediately Slow Down

Immediately slow down

Immediately slow down and form up behind the leader, no overtaking. Continue at a reduced pace, with no overtaking until a green flag is shown at the start finish line. The race leading kart must slow down to a steady pace (as on a rolling start lap).



All Clear

All clear, at the end of a danger area controlled by yellow flags

Also used to signal the start of a formation lap and shown at all posts during first lap of each practice session and during the formation lap.

End of Race or Practice

End of Race or Practice

False Start

False start

Slow down and reform the grid. Continue on another rolling lap, stay in formation at the speed set by the pole sitter at the front.

Flag - or coloured panel for the following three signals, with competitor’s number

Driver Warning

A warning

Warning to the driver that his behaviour is suspect and that he may be black-flagged on further reports.

Mechanical failure or a fire

Notification of apparent mechanical failure or a fire

Might not be obvious to the driver. The kart concerned must call at its pits for repairs on the next lap.

Driver must stop

The driver must stop at his pit within one lap of receiving the signal and report to the clerk of the course

A penalty of exclusion may be enforced.