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Sprint Series IKR - Rules and Regs

The Fulbeck Sprint Series Championship has quickly become a staple of the clubs racing calendar. The budget race meeting houses exciting racing in a wide range of classes on the 3rd weekend of most months, for 9 rounds. Come down for a run weekend of pedal to the metal racing,

Fulbeck Sprint Series (FSS)

2022  Rules and Regulations

Please Check Alteration Due to

Covid 19


1/Fulbeck Sprint Series (FSS) is run at a Motorsport UK licenced circuit and is permitted by NORA 92. Where appropriate general Motorsport rules will apply. These may be changed, varied or amended to suit FSS at the discretion of the C.o.C and or the organisers with consultation with the competitors. If a change is made adequate notice will be given so that Drivers/Mechanics and teams can make changes to comply with the new rules and regulations. Any changes will be notified on Facebook .The official wording will be on Fulbeck Website (Please CHECK).Matters of safety will take immediate effect.

2/All competitors must be registered to the series .Registration is £20.00 per year. BY REGISTERING YOU ACCEPT, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE RULES AND REGULATIONS

3/All drivers must have signed on to practise or raceBY 5pm THURSDAY ON ALPHA TIMING Entry fee is £75.00 for both days. Saturday Practise or Sunday race is £40.00 per day. No email, telephone, text entries or entries on the day will be accepted. 

4/Drivers racing in more than one class must pay for each class.

5/Drivers under 18 years must have their online entry countersigned by a parent or guardian who must be present for the complete meeting.

6/By signing on, all competitors, parents and or guardians understand and accept all risks involved at a practice or race day. It is also the responsibility of the competitor to explain the risk involved to anyone associated with them. (IF IN DOUBT PLEASE SEE AN OFFICIAL)

7/Grid positions will be determined by receipt of entry or T.Q. dependant on class. The club reserves the right to amalgamate classes with the fastest at the front. All karts will start on the same lights. Where time permits classes with a minimum of 6 entries will get their own race.

8/Race format will be either: - laps or time plus a lap (duration to be determined on the day). Time qualifying will be used from April to Oct. TQ will give grid position for heat 1 and points towards the grid for the final grid. Finishing position in heat 1 will give grid position for heat 2.Random grids will be used for February, March and November meeting due to reduced daylight available and will consist of two Heats and a final.

9/Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and away from the track and any fouling must be cleaned up. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the circuit.

10/Any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to race. If you sign on we have the right to ask for you to be breathalysed or drug tested. A refusal will result in not been allowed to participate in the meeting.  

11/All new starters must inform the competition secretary that they are a new starter (Novice) and must display novice plates and will start at the back of the grid FOR THEIR FIRST 3 MEETINGS OR until the CoC considers they are competent to race from a predetermined grid. Failure to inform the secretary may result in exclusion from the meeting

12/The driver is responsible for the actions of his mechanics and anyone associated with him/her. Anyone being abusive, using foul language or threatening behaviour will be asked to leave the premises and the associated driver may be excluded from the meeting and may be asked to appear in front of the organisers who have the rights to impose a ban and inform other circuits.

13/Children must be supervised at all times. Scooters, bikes and ball games are not permitted anywhere within the paddock once practice/race has commenced. The organisers reserve the right to confiscate equipment until the end of the day.

14/It is your responsibility to ensure your awnings are securely fastened down and please consider your neighbours when positioning your generator. All generators must be turned off by 11.00pm.

15/Proof of age:-  A false declaration of date of birth on your online profile will result in an immediate exclusion for the current year.

16/Once the meeting has started if you cannot continue please inform the comp secretary so grids can be reconfigured.


1/All karts and protective equipment including helmets, gloves and footwear may be inspected before practice. All karts and equipment must be scrutineered before commencing racing. Number plates must be fitted front, rear and both sides and must be kept in good condition. You must also display the correct number and coloured plate for your class.  UNLESS YOU ARE A NOVICE PLEASE DON’T DISPLAY NOVICE PLATES ALL NOVICES WILL BE OFF THE BACK OF THE GRID.

2/Drivers must ensure that helmets and race suits are fully fastened and visors must be down at all times whilst on circuit.

3/One driver, one mechanic only allowed on the grid. Once your kart is on the grid only tyre pressures may be changed, unless instructed by the Clerk or grid marshal. If you are not in position by the last lap of the race on circuit you will be put to the back of the grid.

4/Drivers must without delay obey all flags given by officials. Drivers are responsible for learning all flags and their meanings before going out on circuit. If you are in doubt please ask before racing. Parents and guardians are responsible to ensure their young drivers know the meaning of all flags. This particularly applies to bambinos and cadets and more unusual flags such as quarters, change of surface and white flag. Ignoring flags through lack of knowledge will not be accepted as a defence and appropriate penalties will be applied.

5/MARSHALS WILL NOT LEAVE THEIR POST unless instructed by the clerk to assist drivers. This is for safety reasons and your own wellbeing as they are required to observe at all times.

6/The timing tower is out of bounds during racing.

7/During racing the centre of the track is out of bounds except for officials. Signed on Bambino parents or guardians are permitted at the discretion of the C.O.C and must wear an ORANGE high Vis vest. 

8/ Timing or coaching of drivers is not permitted from the centre of the track. Failure to comply WILL result in an exclusion from heat/final and will not be allowed back on track for the day.

9/No radio communication is allowed on race day to any driver on the circuit.

10/Recovery of karts from track is not permitted during racing and will be allowed at the end of the race at the discretion of the clerk.

11/Tyre warming is not permitted on the dummy grid and on track grid for standing starts for bambinos. REAR WHEELS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE LIFTED OFF THE GROUND, FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM THE GRID. Aggressive tyre warming on the rolling lap is not allowed.5 second penalty. Only bambino and cadet classes will officials attempt an in race restart and only when deemed safe to do so. This may mean a delay, waiting for a safe moment. Assistance to restart direct drive karts will only be given if it is safe to do so or karts are in a dangerous position.

Driving Standards

1/If a driver leaves the circuit they must re-join when it is safe to do so. Failure to comply will result in a penalty at the discretion of the CoC.

2/Missing either chicane will result in a 5 second penalty, missing the chicanes twice in the same heat/final will result in a 10 second penalty MISSING THE CHICANE 3 times in the same heat/final will result in a black flag. Any driver missing the chicane must re-join safely, further penalties will be applied if the re-join is deemed unsafe and/or if it is deemed an advantage is attempted.(LAPSCORING/TIME KEEPER WILL BE JUDGE OF FACT). Anyone persistently missing the chicane on test days will not be allowed out in the following session. You may only miss the chicane should an incident occur where the track is blocked IF DIRECTED BY AN OFFICIAL, for any other reason the above penalty applies. 

3/Passing under a stationary yellow flag will result in a 10 second penalty. Passing under a waved yellow WILL RESULT IN A 20 SECOND PENALTY WITH NO APPEAL.PASSING 2 WAVED YELLOWS WILL RESULT IN A BLACK FLAG.GIVING THE PLACE BACK WILL HAVE NO AFFECT ON THE PENALTY. Quarter flags may be displayed during a race. The lead kart must act as a pace kart and reduce speed to half race speed. All following karts must also reduce speed to half race speed. NO OVERTAKING. Karts will be allowed to get into close formation in a safe manner. Excessive speeding to catch up the kart in front will not be tolerated and could receive a 20 second penalty, at the discretion of the clerk. The timekeeper will be judge of fact over speeding under quarter flags. This will be non-appealable.  OVERTAKING UNDER QUARTER FLAGS CARRIES THE SAME PENALTY AS WAVED YELLOWS. 

The restart of a race will be by a green flag displayed on the start line. No overtaking until you have passed the start line.

4/ When a race has finished a yellow flag will be shown at the next post. Racing must stop when you have taken the chequered flag. Drivers must slow to a steady pace. DO NOT overtake on the return to parc ferme /Pit Lane. Drivers not obeying this rule and who continue to drive at excess speed will RECEIVE A PENALTY and further action may be taken by the clerk.

 5/Any kart causing a red flag incident may only take part in the restart after being inspected by the scrutineer and at the discretion of the clerk. Any driver requiring medical intervention will only be allowed to continue racing with the medical director’s permission.

6/All karts involved in a serious incident must be re-inspected by the scrutineers before allowed back on circuit.



7/Starts are to be 2x2 formations with a rolling lap speed of 10-20mph. Drivers are permitted to regain their place on the rolling lap up to the yellow flag at post 5.The CoC has the option to change to standing starts if deemed necessary.  Gearbox will be staggered standing starts.                                                    The race start will be as C.I.K (as lights go out the race starts). If the correct pace/speed is not obtained by 2 rolling laps the offending drivers will be put to the back of the grid.                                                   ALL KARTS SHOULD BE IN THE TRAMLINES WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT.ANY ONE OUT OF THE TRAMLINES WILL GET A 5 SECOND PENALTY. THE STARTER AND TIME KEEPER WILL BE JUDGE OF FACT

8/ All drivers must obey mechanical flags given within 2 laps. The driver and one mechanic can carry out the repair in the designated area and return to the race at the discretion of the scrutineer. Failure to return to parc ferme will result in an exclusion from that race. Do not exit parc ferme if you intend to repair and re-enter the race via the run through lane.

9/ Running engines are only allowed in the permitted area for a max of 10 seconds Bambinos can be run up to 1 minute. You may start your engine in your own pit area but not allowed to rev the engine also engine must not be run whilst moving a kart through the paddock failure to comply may result in exclusion from the meeting. 


1/All karts must comply to the class rules and regulations at all times on race days.

2/It is the responsibility of the driver and mechanic to ensure the kart remains in a safe race worthy condition for the duration of the meeting .If in any doubt please ask for it to be re-inspected at scrutineering.

3/ If a wet meeting is declared only karts fitted with wet tyres and comply with class regulations e.g.rear wheels outside of pods, as listed for that class with a minimum 2mm tread depth may start the race.

4/ Weights must be secured by 2 fixings e.g. 8mm nuts and bolts, tie wraps are not acceptable maximum 4kg per 2 fittings. ANYONE carrying “Lead” on their person will be excluded from that race. All tyres, bodywork and engines should be checked after each heat for damage and security.

5/Timing is by AMB transponder. It is the driver’s responsibility to have one fitted. There is a limited amount to hire at £10.00.a driver’s licence or valid bank card is required as deposit.  If you break, lose or misplace a transponder you will be required to pay for a new one. All transponders MUST be mounted on the back of the seat and be fitted for warm up on race day. This is particularly important prior to TQ to ensure your transponder is working for you to record a time. A non-working transponder during TQ will mean no time recorded and a start from the back of the grid in the first heat.

6/On returning to parc ferme Karts may be randomly inspected by the scrutineer to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.

7/Tyres must be of the make and type stipulated by the class rules. Tyres will be marked or bar coded on scrutineering card. A change of tyre prompted by tyre failure must be approved by the chief scrutineer and the damaged tyre left in scrutineering until the end of the meeting. Any use of tyre softener or any means known or unknown to gain an unfair advantage from tyres will result in an exclusion from the event. Race tyres must be fitted for TQ/1st heat. Tyres are open for warm up.

8/Only pump fuel and oil listed by C.I.K. is permitted. Anyone using any unlisted oil must have it cleared by the scrutineer. Failure to do so will result in an exclusion from the event and a possible ban. Fuel testing may be carried out.

9/If we have a class that your outfit is eligible for you must race in that class.


1/All engines /Karts will run to the specifications as supplied by the following Rotax, IAME,TKM and Honda. Any exceptions will be published in the class rules.

2/Mr Gary Walker is the engine eligibility scrutineer for all classes.

3/The organisers have the right to have an engine sealed and sent away to be checked for eligibility. If the engine proves to be legal then all cost will be paid by the organisers. If the engine proves to be illegal then all cost including carriage will be the responsibility of the competitor.

4/Competitors have the right to protest another competitor’s engine.  £250.00 must be deposited with the organisers. This is returnable in full should the protest be successful .If the protest fails this fee will be used towards the rebuild labour cost with any balance returned.


1/ Child Safeguarding officers are Steve Wren and Julie Thornsby.

On Track

1/ The Clerk of the Courses decision will be final.

Where appropriate witness will be called

2/Time keeper will be judge of fact regarding starts, finishes and speeding under quarter flags.

3/ Driving in a manor not deemed to be of a safe, acceptable or in the spirit of the sport may result in a ban with the competitor required to appear in front of the organisers.

4/ The Clerk can exclude a driver from the heat/final or the meeting. Should the Clerk consider further action be required this will be reported to the Directors of the club and the driver will be notified within 7 days of the action taken and will then have 7 days to appeal in writing.


1/Officials are volunteers; please remember the meetings cannot run without them so please show respect.

2/Foul and abusive language, physical violence,threat of physical violence. Intentional damage to any club or personal property will result in a ban with the competitor required to appear in front of the organisers. All local clubs will be informed of a guilty verdict

3/Dishonoured payment, the competitor must make good plus any charges incurred by the following meeting. Failure to do so the organisers reserve the rights to inform all local clubs.

FSS Championship.

The championship will run over 10 rounds with the 9 highest scoring rounds to count (subject to Covid or any government restrictions) An exclusion does not count as a dropped round and will be scored as 0 points.

Points scored as follows;

Final Starting grid- Pole 35,2nd 34.3rd 33 4th 32 etc.

Points for Final 1st70, 2nd 68 3rd 66, 4th 65,5th 64 etc.

Drivers not taking start lights or completing the final receive GRID PLUS 20 points.

To resolve a tie in the grid position for the final the driver with the least points in the 1st heat will take the higher position.

For the Championship the winner of each class will be the competitor with the highest points after their dropped round. In the event of a tie the driver with the most 1st places, 2nd places and so on will decide the result.


Trophies will be allocated 1 in 4 (or at the organiser’s discretion).


Supplementary Rules

1/Drop down bumpers will be introduced for all classes except the open class, bambino and all gearbox classes. The following penalties will apply. Complete drop down 5 second penalty. (NO APPEAL) In TQ the above penalty will be applied to your fastest lap. 

2/Gaining an unfair advantage:- 5 place penalty.

2A/ Advantage by CONTACT, 1 place, 5 second or 10 second penalty.

3/Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety:-   Race exclusion

4/Aggravated Contact:-Exclusion from meeting. May be called In front of the organisers with possible ban and other IKR tracks informed.

5/ It is the drivers responsibility to observe flags at all time. This particularly applies to start line flags specific to drivers. Ducking down, missing flags when passing the start line is not accepted as an excuse for ignoring flags. Ignoring any flag twice:-Black Flag


Ignoring Black Flag for 2 consecutive laps ::- Exclusion from meeting

6/Failure to attend drivers briefing (Random Names will be called) Competitors will be put to the back of the grid for their first heat. No Appeal. (6a will apply until further notice).

 6a/Drivers Briefing will be posted on line until further notice as part of your entry process and facebook when appropriate.

7/Engines may be started but not revved in your pit bay max 10 SECONDS or in the designated area in parc-ferme, please do not start engines in front of race control.

8/ To qualify for the E Plate drivers must have participated in at least 3 previous meetings in 2022.SUPPLYMENTRY RULES WILL BE PUBLISHED BY 30th May


1/Non Compliance Report Kart or Component:-Race or meeting exclusion


3/Failure to report to or leaving before instructed by scrutineering :-Race or Meeting exclusion





Any competitor displaying novice plates will start from the back of the grid for their heats. For the final will grid where they qualify from points gained in heats but can request to start from the back. Please inform the Comp Sec by lunch time if this is your intention.