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Social Media Policy

FULBECK KART CLUB -Social Media Policy 

To protect all Club Members, Officials and associates of Fulbeck Kart Club, the club will not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment made against any individual on any Social Media Network, (such as Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, forums etc). 
Any dialog thought to be inappropriate will be reviewed by the Club’ Directors and further actions may be taken, which may result in a club ban, either temporary or permanent. 

Fulbeck Kart Club will 
*Maintain this policy and review it annually to ensure its content remains relevant. 
*Appoint an appropriate adult to manage and monitor contents of the Club’s website and Social Media pages. 

Fulbeck Kart Club will not: 
*Host any participant’s profile or personal detail or place pictures of young drivers under the age of 18 without express consent from their parent or guardian. 
*Post items which may be considered hurtful, offensive, threatening, discriminatory or which may otherwise cause offence or harm to another or incite such behaviour in others. 

Fulbeck Kart Club expects all members/competitors to: 
*Not post on any social media any comments if you have concerns about the consiquences. 
*Don’t link to unsuitable content which could be considered hurtful, offensive, threatening, racist or discriminatory or which may otherwise cause offence to another or might incite such behaviour in others. 
*Do not get into disputes with others via an online/social media platform. 
Most importantly FKC believe that a common-sense approach needs to be used by everyone involved in motorsport. 
The club believes that members should be able to share their achievements and racing experiences as a competitor or volunteer with the rest of the Motorsport community and to utilise the club’s platform to help grow and engage with a wider audience. 
This Policy was last reviewed on 15th December 2023.