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It is very important that you maintain a strict maintenance schedule. You'll note, not long after starting karting, that the top drivers and teams are meticulous about kart presentation and preparation. The old adage "sloppy and slow" certainly applies here. More importantly for the novice, a strict maintenance schedule will increase your reliability and safety on the track.

One of the greatest hurdles for the new karter to overcome is reliability. Fowled plugs and bent sprockets make entering the sport a real struggle for the unsupported novice. Many of our early days were spent in frustration, throwing away new plugs and struggling to string together a few running laps before breakdown. With time and experience, kart reliability becomes surprisingly easy, and racing becomes even more enjoyable

Remember, make it a habit to always check over your kart and clean it, after every run, check for anything that could cause a problem, use this as good maintenance to be more cost affective and save time on a race day if you have a major breakdown or failure, keep your equipment in good nick and in a place where it can't be damaged easily!!!! Make sure your tools are in good nick so they don't ruin your nuts and bolts, replace any messy bolts and or nuts that could ruin your tools